Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc) 2.49
Salt Lassi A Classical thirst quencher with blend of yogurt and salt. 3.99
Sweet Lassi A Classical thirst quencher with blend of yogurt and sugar. 3.99
Mango Lassi A Classical thirst quencher with a blend of mango, yogurt, and sugar. 3.99
Coffee South Indian filtered coffee. 2.99
Tea Freshly brewed Indian tea with milk. 2.99
Fresh Juices (Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon) 3.99
Avocado Shake 3.99
Strawberry Shake 3.99
Sambar Vegetables stew made with (lentils, tamarind, coriander seeds and spices) 5.49
Rasam 5.49
Kids Specials
Cone Dosa 6.49
Dosa (Cheese, Paneer, Egg) 7.99
Plain Uthappam 6.99
Cheese Uthappam 7.99
Dosas (Served with Coconut, and Tomato Chutney’s & Sambar)
Plain Dosa 8.99
Masala Dosa 9.99
Dosas (coated with Andhra Spicy or Mysore or Spinach Chutney or Cheese) 10.99
Masala Dosas (coated with Andhra Spicy or Mysore or Spinach or Cheese) 11.99
Spring Dosa (Crispy crepe made with chopped vegetables) 12.49
Paneer Dosa 12.49
Paper Dosa 12.49
Paper Masala Dosa 13.99
Ghee Roast Dosa 11.99
Ghee Roast Masala Dosa 12.99
Egg Dosa 12.99
Egg Dosa (coated with Andhra Spicy or Mysore) 13.49
Chennai Chicken Masala Dosa 14.49
Rava Dosas
Plain Rava Dosa 10.99
Rava Dosa (Onions or Coconut or Mysore Chutney) 11.99
Rava Masala Dosa 13.49
Annapurna Special Rava Dosa (Onions + Coconut + Masala + Chilli) 13.99
Plain Uthappam 10.49
Onion Chilli Uthappam 11.49
Mixed Veg Uthappam 11.49
Cheese Uthappam 10.99
Cheese Chilli Uthappam 11.99
Idly Cakes made with steamed batter rice and lentils (2pcs) 6.99
Chilli Idly 8.99
Vada (2pc) Crispy donuts made with lentils and rice, fried golden brown. 8.49
Rasam Vada Crispy donuts dipped in a tangy sauce. (2pcs) 8.49
Onion Pakora Indian style onion fritters. 7.49
Spinach Pakora Indian style spinach fritters. 7.49
Paneer Pakora Indian style Paneer fritters. 9.99
Vegetable Samosa (3pcs) Flaky pastry shells stuffed with delicious vegetables. 6.49
Mirchi Bajji (6pcs) Deep fried stuffed green peppers. 7.99
Chicken 65 Deep fried chunks of boneless chicken marinated with special spices,
Sautéed with bell peppers, onions and fresh curry leaves. 13.49
Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, spices and grilled. 14.49
Fish Fry Fried pieces of fish 14.49
Chicken Mixed Platter 15.49
Chicken Malai Kabab 14.49
Chicken Kali Mirchi Kabab (spicy) 14.49
Chicken Hariyali Kabab 13.99
Poultry Entrees:
Chicken Tikka Masala Tender boneless chicken roasted in a Tandoor and then cooked
With our signature butter cream and tomato sauce 13.49
Butter Chicken A rich creamy and tangy Indian gravy with succulent chicken pieces cooked in 13.49
Andhra Chicken Curry Chicken curry prepared with native spices of Andhra Pradesh. 13.99
Chicken Chettinadu A traditional chicken curry made with coconut, spices and
Condiments from Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. 13.99
Chicken Pepper Fry Deep fried chunks of boneless chicken marinated with special spice,
sautéed with bell peppers, onions and curry leaves. 13.99
Chicken Kurma 13.49
Goat Entrees
Goat Curry Chunks of goat cooked in curry sauce with onions, tomatoes and spices. 13.99
Goat Pepper Fry 13.99
Seafood Entrees
Andhra Fish Curry 13.99
Madras Fish Curry 13.99
Vegetarian Entrees
Yellow Dhal Lentils tempered with spices from India. 10.49
Bhindi Masala Fresh okra sautéed with onions and tomatoes. 10.99
Channa Masala Garbanzo Beans cooked in onion and spicy tomato sauce. 10.49
Vegetable Kurma Vegetables cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices. 10.49
Paneer Butter Masala Indian cottage cheese cooked in a rich creamy Indian red sauce. 12.49
Palak Paneer Spinach cooked with tomatoes, mild spices & finished with a touch of cream. 12.49
Kadai Paneer Cubes of cheese sautéed with tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. 12.49
Eggplant Curry 12.49
Rice Items
Veg Biryani 11.49
Egg Biryani 11.99
Chicken Biryani 13.49
Goat Biryani 13.99
Plain Rice Steamed aromatic white rice. 3.49
Pongal Rice boiled with moong dal and spices. 10.49
Bisibelebath Rice,lentils, veggies and masala 10.49
Curd / Yogurt Rice Rice mixed with unsweetened yogurt. 8.49
Indo Chinese
Gobi Manchurian Batter fried florets of cauliflower sautéed in Manchurian sauce. 12.49
Chilli Paneer Cottage cheese cubes tossed in a house special sauce. 12.99
Chili Chicken Slightly Battered and deep fried boneless chicken pieces. 12.99
Chicken Manchurian Boneless chicken pieces cooked with Manchurian sauce. 12.99
Veg Fried Rice Fried rice with vegetables 11.49
Egg Fried Rice Fried rice, eggs and veggies 11.99
Chicken Fried Rice Fried rice with chicken 12.99
Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice 13.99
Kothu Paratha
Veg Kothu Paratha 11.49
Egg Kothu Paratha 11.99
Chicken Kothu Paratha 12.99
Naan / Roti
Tandoori Roti Traditional Indian Flatbread made with wheat flour baked in a Tandoor oven. 2.69
Naan Traditional Indian Flat Bread made with refined flour and baked in a Tandoor oven. 2.69
Butter Naan Plain flour bread topped with butter. 2.99
Garlic Naan Leavened bread made with fresh, chopped garlic and baked in a Tandoor oven. 2.99
Bullet Naan Spicy bread stuffed with jalapenos and Cilantro. 3.99
Malabar Paratha (2pcs) Multi layered flat bread with refined flour cooked on a griddle. 3.99
Puri Kurma 10.99
Puri Channa(2pcs) or Puri Bhajji 10.99
Cheese Naan 4.99
Chilli Cheese Naan 4.99
Gulab Jamun (2pc) 4.99
Rasmalai (2pc) 4.99