Ying’s all-time flavors
Yu hsiang shrimp and scallop


Shredded green pepper, carrots with shrimp, scallops, chili, and broccoli in spicy lime dressing.

Mongolian steak


Prime fillet of beef, sliced and marinated, and stir-fried with our chef’s mongolian sauce.

Marco Polo


Jumbo shrimp and fillet of beef, stir-fried in lobster sauce, and served over a bed of noodle.

Dynasty's seafood wonderland


Jumbo shrimp, fresh scallop, lobster meat, and imitation crab sauteed with mix vegetables in our chef’s wonderful wine sauce.

Crispy shrimp


Jumbo shrimp with a slight touch of crunchy water chestnut flour, deep-fried to ensure its crunchiness, and topped with our special red wine sauce. A favorite of Chinese royalty.

Gai po lo mein (for two)


Golden fried boneless chicken, jumbo shrimp, beef fillet, and roast pork. Sauteed with mix vegetables in our homemade brown bean sauce and served over a bed of lo mein noodle.


Royal family

Roast pork, tender chicken, prime fillet of beef, jumbo shrimp, round scallop, lobster meat, and lots of vegetables, sauteed together to create this royal feast.

Peking meat sauce noodle


Chef's special sizzling steak


Sliced fillet of beef seasoned with mix Chinese vegetables, served on a sizzling plate.

Ying's special duckling


Boneless roast duck along with Chinese greens, sauteed in spicy peking sauce.

Chun liu three delights


Pork, chicken, and shrimp in our own spicy sauce, served over a bed of broccoli.

Ying's love nest


Sliced chicken breast, jumbo shrimp, and fresh scallop, served in a potato nest.

Surf and turf


Jumbo shrimp and prime fillet of beef, stir fried in mushroom sauce.

Triple crown


Fresh shrimp, tender chicken, and sliced pork with chef’s sauce, served on a bed of broccoli.

Peking duck


A whole duck roasted to perfection, carefully carved, and flattened just for your table. Served with 10 crepes.

Beef special


Tender pieces of beef with onion in black pepper sauce on a hot plate.

Bird's nest


A crispy potato basket filled with chicken, pork, and beef with mix vegetables.