Village Cleaner’s service involves six point inspection of your garments. We check for spots, stains, loose or broken buttons etc. Care labels are carefully read and your garments are cleaned as per manufacturer’s specifications. After cleaning, your garments are hand finished by our garment experts, inspected again and then bagged to keep it fresh and ready to wear.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning
Village Cleaners has the fabric care knowledge to protect your clothing investment. Your clothing receives a very careful and complete attention at Village Cleaners. From delicate silk to cotton, our eco-friendly cleaning process gently cleans your clothing so its fresh and lasts longer.

Village Cleaners launders your shirts and other laundry items using eco-friendly detergents and double wash cleaning cycles. Laundered shirts are finally starched as per customers request to give a crisp finish. We replace all broken or missing buttons on the shirts for no charge.

Household Items
Village Cleaners also provides eco-friendly cleaning of your interior textiles such as bed linens, sleeping bags, comforters, table cloths, curtains and drapes.

Wedding Gowns
Village Cleaners bridal gown cleaning service includes professional eco-friendly cleaning and to ensure safe storage a special bridal chest with acid free tissue paper for wrapping is used to maintain the delicate fabrics. Each gown receives a pre-cleaning inspection for any stains, abrasions, fabric tears, missing sequins or bead and soiled hemlines. Our skilled specialist clean your gown with utmost care and then hand finish every detail. We then pack your gown in a special box, protecting it from the elements and the effects of time.

Village Cleaners professional alterations are available for minor repairs such as hemming, zipper replacements, sewing patches and adding or removing cuffs. Just ask and we’ll see that the alterations and repairs are done with expert care.

Leather and Suede
Village Cleaners also provides professional leather and suede cleaning service.